TSUM TSUM figures are quite popular. They can be found as tiny figures, stuffed plushies, on t-shirts, in comic books, and a variety of various forms. One of the more popular TSUM TSUM products is the tiny figure collector packs. Though, those that are collecting the mini figures often find themselves with multiples of the same figures when trying to acquire complete sets. I have a friend who has a box full of duplicates from her daughter’s quest to have all three sizes of certain characters.

With so many duplicates, what’s a collector to do?

As I was wandering through the clearance section of Wal-Mart last week, I found a selection of TSUM TSUM figures for a $1 a pack. I figured I could find something fun to do with them, so I picked a few packs up. Once home, it came to me – magnets!


I asked my daughter what she thought of the idea and she loved it. She quickly pointed out which figures she wanted to take to put in her school locker. With the geekling seal of approval, I set to work. I wasn’t sure which magnets, glue, or figure placement on the magnet was the best; so I created a few prototypes to begin with. Quickly found that thin strip magnets weren’t a good fit if you wanted to hold anything more than the magnet up. Also, that hot glue wasn’t the right adhesive as the magnets didn’t adhere to the figures very well. Though after determining what materials did work, I was able to quickly assemble several TSUM TSUM magnets.

These magnets were such a simple project that added some personality to not only the fridge but our magnet calendar.  The smaller figures make fun magnets that could be used to represent different family members on a calendar or chore chart. Unfortunately, the small ones are best when just used as decor. They aren’t good for holding anything up due to strip magnets having to be used to fit the tiny figure. Though medium and larger figures are perfect for hanging up pictures. My TSUM TSUM figures were Marvel characters, but there are so many TSUM TSUM variations that one could have character magnets from Star Wars or a variety of Disney movies.

This project takes under 10 minutes once all the supplies are assembled. Super glue is the best adhesive; so adult supervision is encouraged to ensure no one gets stuck to something they shouldn’t be. Below are simple step-by-step instructions to create these geeky TSUM TSUM magnets.

Happy crafting, geeks and geeklings!

2017-08-24 09.46.24



  • TSUM TSUM Figures
  • Button or Strip Magnets
  • Super Glue
Step By Step Instructions

1. Start with the smallest figure first. Determine the amount of strip magnet needed for the small one and cut the desired amount.

2. Next, apply a layer of super glue to the magnet.

3. Then place the magnet either on the underside of the TSUM TSUM (all sizes) or the backend of the medium and large sizes. Hold the magnet in place for 30 seconds to a minute to ensure it bonds to the figure.


4. Once the glue has started to dry, set the figures with the magnets facedown. If the magnet is placed at the back of the figure, prop it between two objects to hold it in place while the glue sets. They should sit for a minimum of 10 minutes up to 24 hours for the super glue to cure.


5. Then these TSUM TSUM characters will be ready to use!

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