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DIY DC Comics Themed Jewelry

As a cosplay family, we are continually in craft stores in search of supplies for our builds. Recently on one of our many missions to find just the right accessory for an outfit, I came across a DIY DC Comics jewelry section at Hobby Lobby.  I instantly got excited. With a crafty, geeky daughter at home, I saw jewelry projects in my future.

While my husband searched for what we really were there to find, I looked over the display. The bracelets were the first thing to pop out at me. Two bracelets allowed for hero messages to be attached to them, which made them quick to assemble for a fan who wanted a custom look in minimal time. Then there were leather bracelets with Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman logos imprinted on them. They were by far the largest bracelets and could simply be wore as is or charms could be added by attaching links to the holes along the top and bottom of the band. Though at $21.99 for just the band, they were a bit pricey. There were also thin banded leather wrap bracelets that were priced less that also could be wore with or without charms. Overall, the ready-made bracelets’ price point made them a bit of a let down.

Where this line shines is the number and variety of its charms. There were logo, name, and hero image charms, as well charms depicting other items related to specific characters. The selection of charms made it more cost effective to spend money on the charms versus what they were going to be attached to. A simple, non-DC chain or bracelet could be found elsewhere in the jewelry department for less.


One base item I did like from the DC line was the earrings. The base earrings had small clips that allowed for charms to easily be switched. This made them incredibly versatile. One day you can wear Harley Quinn, then switch to Green Lantern the next day. Since my daughter wasn’t with, I decided to pick up a set of Harley Quinn charms and earrings to see what she thought.

2017-09-20 09.59.21

When I told her about the jewelry, she was excited to see what it was all about. I showed her the pictures, then gave her the earrings and charms to assemble. It took her just a minute to put them together, and once she had her earrings on, she loved them. The thought of switching out charms seemed to be a great feature to her.

Now some may say for the price why not just pick up similar jewelry at Hot Topic or some other store that is already done. Yes, comparable jewelry can be found elsewhere for the same price or cheaper. The highlights of this DIY line are having a unique piece versus a mass produced one and the versatility of having a variety of charms. This line may not be for all fans, but for crafty ones looking to make a one-of-a-kind piece, it may be perfect.



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