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Lunch Box Messages to Add a Bit of fun to Star Wars Reads Month

October has arrived, and that means Star Wars Reads month can begin!

With 20 new Star Wars books set to be released this month, there will be much for fans to read. Though why just celebrate Star Wars Reads with just books. Why not give geeklings a bit of a surprise with Star Wars lunch box notes. Below I’ve compiled four sites with free printable Star Wars lunch notes. Some are cute, a few provide jokes, but all will bring a smile to a young fan’s face.

Star Wars Lunch Box Notes

Skip to My Lou Star Wars lunch notes are sleek and minimalistic. Perfect for teen fans.

Star Wars Lunch Box Notes 2

My Sweet Sanity Star Wars lunch notes are adorable! Younger geeklings are sure to enjoy the sweet cartoon characters.

Star Wars Lunch Box Notes 3

One Mama’s Daily Drama LEGO Star Wars lunch Notes perfectly meld Star Wars and LEGO with these “punny” notes.

Star-Wars Lunch Box Jokes

Capturing Joy Star Wars joke lunch notes will have young fans laughing. What a way to bring humor to a geekling’s school day.



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