Geek Fun

Spoil Your Geek Dog with New Star Wars Toys and Gear from Petco

So I walked into Petco last night for two things – dog food and treats. As I walked towards the checkout balancing a 30 pound bag of food and a box of treats (because why get a cart for two things), a magnificent display of Star Wars dog toys, beds, and other gear appeared before me. I dropped the bag of food and started circling the display.

Squeaky toys, tug toys, adorable toys, silly toys, you name it there it was on this amazing display. There were also character sweaters, beds, blankets, and pillows for dogs. So many characters shaped into playthings perfect for any geek dog. My mind was reeling at each and every item. I loved all of it!

Now I knew if I came home with a bag full of new toys for the dog my husband was going to question my sanity. So after way too many laps around the display, I decided to pick up the Tie Fighter rope toy for my favorite pooch. She knew soon as I walked in the door that I had something for her. As soon as I took it out of the bag, her tail started wagging like a motor was attached to it that was set to max speed. My dog has loved all of her Star Wars toys but I think this may be her favorite. Maybe next time I’ll get the AT-AT rope toy for her because human or dog can never have enough Star Wars toys or gear.


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