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15 Memory Building Travel Traditions

Trips with family and friends are memories waiting to happen. Often it is the little things that end up being the most memorable. Sometimes it’s a funny moment that sticks with us. Other times it is a tradition that we include in every trip.

In our house, we have three main traditions. One tradition started when my husband and I dated and went on road trips. We now always have to have beef jerky as our road food. The next tradition began when taking our first born on vacation. Me being “that mom” had to have themed shirts to wear on vacation and a group picture taken with all of us wearing them. Our newest tradition was inspired by the Flat Stanley travel project. Now we have our family mascot, a Build-A-Bear Rocket Raccoon, that we take on our trips and find fun places to take his picture.  These three customs give us just a bit more to look forward to when planning our vacations.

The memories we have built in part due to our traditions are a part of so many of our travels. Incorporating special things into a trip can be simple like a favorite must-have snack on every trip, or a bit more elaborate like matching shirts. No matter if it is simple or requires a bit more planning, if it is something that makes those in the group smile and helps shape memories it is worth the effort. Below are 15 traditions that could be fun to start on your next trip.

Travel Tradition Ideas

  1. Same Must-Have Travel Snack
  2. Coordinating or Themed Shirts
  3. Item to use as a Travel Photo Prop
  4. Always take a Group Photo with Everyone in the Same Position
  5. Take a Photo of a Dated Vacation Message Written in the Sand at the Beach, Dirt of a Trail, or in Chalk on a Sidewalk.
  6. Play the Same Favorite Road Trip Games
  7. Take an Electronic Device Loaded with a Playlist of Favorite Travel Songs
  8. Make a Point to Always Eat at one Local Restaurant and Try a New Food
  9. Stop and Take Pictures with Unique Statues or Signs Found During the Trip
  10. Take a Picture of your Group at the Beginning and at the End of the Vacation
  11. Collect the Same Type of Souvenir from Every Vacation Destination (ie- ornament, snow globe, magnet, pin, t-shirt, etc)
  12. Collect Flattened Pennies from Every Vacation Spot that has Them
  13. Track Where You have been with a Map Mounted on the Wall with Push Pins, a Map Photo Collage, or Marks in a Map Book
  14. Collect a Postcard a Day, Write a Memory for that Day, and Place it in a 4×6 Photo Album to Create a Simple Travel Journal
  15. Travel Countdown Board



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